The group "Lik" unites artists who work in different genres and trends. Such as realism painting, art design and graphic art. A union of such a mix of styles reflects the condition of national art of the nineties.

One of the typical features for artists of the seventies and eighties is the combination of design and fine art. Ideological pressure compelled them to retreat to neighbouring reqions. Illustrations for children's book and graphic design were a shelter for graphic artists. No wonder that the majority of artists of the group "Lik" graduated from the Industrial Institute of Higher Art (late Stroganovskoe), where both subjects (design and graphic art) were taught by the same department. The painters artists turned to teaching. Academic school tasks were regarded as quite loyal in those years. Artists were confused about when lost its ideological limitations. National art was not apposed to the world's culture, and was considered in accordance with generally accepted criteria. Painters who cultivated the principles of socialist realism and "left" artists found themselves in the some situation. Art lost the title "forbidden ground" and so artist's natural states of inner struggle did not find any opposition. Upon losing ideological support and ideological pressure all the artists came across similar economic problems.

Graphic designers were better prepared for a new situation. Technical skills, learned at the institute allowed them to do both applied drawing and easel painting artistic sheets at a high technical level. Some designers who aren't satisfied with their work at a design office look for the realization of their creative activity in fine art.

Painters have no options. Exhibitions and artistic salon sales are the only sources of their income. The new economic situation has put them into a competitive environment, and has changed art from an ideological struggle to an economic one. This problem affects the majority of artists in the group "Lik". Among the artists of this union are non-professionals.

This does not affect the guilty of their work, but simply defines their social status. Working as engineers, technicians and doctors they are able to have some economic independence.

One more sign uniting artists in "Lik" is geography. Their activity is connected with the town of Krasnogorsk. A small town means a closed environment and the concentration of artistic life. The majority of "Lik" artists are childhood, friends and graduates of the only art school in town. The place where exhibitions are held is the Krasnogorsk Photoclub. All of this is reflected in the character of the exposition it is low key and somewhat spontaneous. The exhibition is primarily intended for good perception of schoolfellows. The exhibition produces a subculture for the small town of Krasnogorsk.

Director of the exhibition Marina Voronowa

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"Rewarding of the winners"

"Rewarding of the winners"

"Rewarding by the letter and costly present"

"Rewarding by the letter   and costly present"

"Presentation of an exhibition"

"Presentation of an exhibition"

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